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Keeping Those New Year's Resolutions!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The parties are over, 2019 is underway, and the time to get going on those resolutions is here.

5th Ave. Fitness is excited to help everyone avoid "resolution amnesia" and keep their fitness resolutions in the new year!

Whether your fitness goals for 2019 are big or small, building on a long training history or just beginning, we have the facilities and equipment to keep you going! To get you started, we have a few tips for keeping your New Year's Resolutions and being your fittest self in 2019

1. Define your motivation. Be specific about the factor or factors that lead you to your 2019 fitness goals. What are your intrinsic motivations? Extrinsic? Defining your motivations will make it easier to envision and focus on your goals (I like this post from Medium to help you define your motivation: Keep your motivations in mind so even when the snow is slushy and it seems like summer will never arrive you know EXACTLY what you're working towards.

2. Keep your goals small and specific. It’s easy to lose track of amorphous goals like “get fit” or “exercise more.” Break your larger goals into small, actionable steps that are attainable today and leave room for improvement. For example, if you are new to exercise, a good goal for January might be “do 30 minutes of cardio twice a week.” By keeping your goal specific, you will know if you are meeting it and can track your progress. Feeling good about meeting a small goal will help you keep your momentum. If you need help coming up with specific goals, 5th Ave. Fitness offers personal training to get a fitness plan that is right for you.

3. Stay accountable with a community. Our community is one of Seward's best assets - and our fitness community at 5th Ave. Fitness is no different. Bring others into your fitness routine to help keep you motivated and give you that extra push when you need it. Can't

seem to make it to the gym even when you promise yourself you'll go? Commit to a time to hit the gym with a friend. Find yourself losing steam mid-workout? Attend a class and use the energy of the group to keep moving. Let's be honest: we all work a little harder when someone is watching! Whether it’s a gym buddy or the entire HIIT class, support is key to achieving your goals.

What are your fitness goals for 2019? Tell us in the comments!

We look forward to seeing you around the gym!!

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